Commission approves a $5.94 million operating budget for the Universal Service Fund for FY 2010

by preferred on June 25, 2009

The Commission awarded the full $500,000 for the Telemedicine Equipment Grant Program for FY 2009 to applicants in early July 2008. No Nonprofit Access Grants were awarded in FY 2009 due to the transfer of funds budgeted for that program to the general fund as a result of 2009 Wisconsin Act 2. At its June meeting, the Council recommended that because no grants were awarded for the Nonprofit Access Program in FY 2009, grant awards for the Nonprofit Access Grant Program be made early in FY 2010. Full funding for the Telemedicine Equipment Grant Program is also included in the proposed operating budget for FY 2010. It is anticipated that awards for that grant program would be made in early spring 2010.

Docket 05-GF-104

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