Commission discusses, but does not agree, on order language surrounding property sale

by preferred on February 9, 2010

Today the Commission laid over the decision on order language which would approve the sale of property from MGE to ATC.  Azar and Callisto split over the inclusion of indemnification language in the order.  Azar
Azar stated she believed MGE should indemnify ATC for any potential environmental contamination that exists at the time of closing.  Callisto said he was comfortable that due diligence was done by ATC on the environmental concerns.  He said he saw no evidence of contamination or potential contamination to support additional indemnification by MGE or to question the validity of the property value made by the independent assessor.
Meyer, holding the deciding vote, said he would need time to consult with Commission staff legal counsel before he could make the tie-breaking decision.

Docket 5-AE-198

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