Commissioners address extraordinary session litigation effects

by preferred on April 13, 2019

Valcq opened the PSC meeting on April 11, 2019 stating that she was honored to be Evers appointee as Chair of an agency she highly respected. She said she would not sit idly by while the work of the Commission was called into question for the purpose of “political theater.” She pointed to the many dedicated professionals who continue to do the important work of the commission each and every day and called any representation that recent court decisions had destabilized the work of the commission “patently false.” She reminded the audience that 2 Commissioners constitute a quorum and the work of the agency continues at full speed, while the courts work through the litigation process.

Huebsch thanked Valcq for not scheduling a meeting the previous week even though she may have been “advised” and “pressured” to do so. He expressed his disappointment and concern about the situation “this independent commission finds itself in today.” He said it was his job and duty to be present when a meeting is called and he was ready to “get at it.”

The Commissioners then worked their way through a 31-item Agenda (over nearly 3 hours) which included multiple (ultimately unanimous) decisions in 5 innovative dockets on the subjects of constructing merchant solar array generation and potential utility acquisition of that generation.

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