NSPW Gets Green Light for New Transmission Line

by preferred on March 18, 2009

The Commission granted, subject to conditions, the Application by Northern States Power Company – Wisconsin for Authority to Construct Transmission System Improvements and a New Gravel Island Substation in the Eau Claire – Chippewa Falls Area.

The new facilities proposed by NSPW include a 161 kilovolt (kV) transmission line from the Wheaton Substation to the Hydro Lane Tap, rebuilding and some new construction of a 161 kV line between the Wheaton and Eau Claire Substations, some reconductoring and rebuilding of the 161 kV line between the Eau Claire Substation and the Presto Tap, conversion of existing 69 kV lines to 161 kV between the Presto Tap and an interconnection with Dairyland Power’s transmission system, construction of a new Gravel Island Substation, and modifications to the Wheaton, Eau Claire, Hydro Lane, Hallie, and Red Cedar Substations.

NSPW estimates the proposed project cost would vary from $34 to $35 million, depending on the approved substation site and transmission route.

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