PSC Grants Sierra Club $31,700 to continue participation in Solar Energy Investigation

by preferred on January 22, 2010

Sierra Club intervened in dockets 6680-UR-116 and 6690-UR-119 (Wisconsin Power and Light Company (WP&L) and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPSC) rate cases in 2008) to present evidence about the utilities’ renewable energy initiatives. In those rate cases, Sierra Club submitted extensive testimony about the viability of utility-owned solar generation. The record developed as a result of this testimony was a driving force in the establishment of the investigation docket for which Sierra Club now requests IC. The Solar Collaborative includes members representing Alliant Energy, American Transmission Company LLC, Clean Wisconsin, Cooperative Network, IBEW Local 2150, Johnson Controls, Madison Gas and Electric Company, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc., RENEW Wisconsin, Sierra Club, We Energies, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation, Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, WPSC. WPPI Energy, and Xcel Energy. To date, members of the Solar Collaborative, including representatives from the Sierra Club, have been engaged in a technical and economic analysis. In the future, the Solar Collaborative will conclude the economic analysis, issue a draft report for public comment, conduct an analysis of policy matters, and draft a final report to the Commission regarding the results of the investigation. Many of the issues under the group’s consideration are complex and require a significant amount of attention to detail.

Docket 5-EI-147

The 2007 Report on 16 Megawatt Off-Grid Industrial and Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Systems: World Market Segmentation by City at

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