PSCW Open Meeting Agenda March 24, 2016

by preferred on March 27, 2016

Agenda Item 1. Minutes of the open meeting of Friday, March 11, 2016
Agenda Item 2. 5-FE-101 – Quadrennial Planning Process III (proposed notice of investigation)
Agenda Item 3. 9694-TI-100 – Application of IM Telecom, LLC, for Designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (proposed notice of investigation)
Agenda Item 4. 6725-RW-163 – Tolls to be Charged for the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company for the Six-Month Period Ending December 31, 2015 (proposed notice of investigation)
Agenda Item 5. 4220-AU-139 – Application of Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin for Approval of an Administrative Services Agreement with Xcel Energy Services, Inc. (suggested minute) (JJR/CS/BAG memorandum of 3/9/16)
Agenda Item 6. 1-AC-247 – Changes to chs. PSC 113, 134 and 185 to Conform with 2013 Wisconsin Act 274 and 2015 Wisconsin Act 176 Regarding Municipal Utility Collection Practices (suggested minute) (JS/KN memorandum of 3/7/16) (draft revised statement of scope)
Agenda Item 7. 5-ES-108 – Strategic Energy Assessment for the Years January 1, 2016, Through December 31, 2022 (suggested minute) (JJR/LS memorandum of 3/17/16) (draft strategic energy assessment)

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