PSCW Wants Comments on Status of Investments in Advanced Telecommunications

by preferred on September 11, 2009

This investigation, opened on the Commission’s own motion, will gather information needed for reports describing the status of investments in advanced telecommunications infrastructure in Wisconsin and the Universal Service Fund (USF). These reports are mandated by statute. The reports must include information on the progress made in:
• Distance learning, including the number of schools and other educational institutions connected to the distance learning network
• Interconnection of libraries, including the number of libraries with videoconferencing and network access capabilities.
• Access to health care.
• Education, healthcare and employment opportunities for the disabled and other persons in the home.
• Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) deployment.
• Other infrastructure investments identified by the Commission.
The Commission is also required to include in the report recommendations for improving the progress of investments in advanced telecommunications infrastructure.
Comments are also being solicited on additional topics that would be of interest to the Legislature regarding the deployment of broadband services and advanced telecommunications infrastructure and on possible sources for information.

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