Wisconsin Commissioners Discuss MISO

by preferred on January 15, 2009

Commissioners Paul Centolella and Robert Lieberman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the Illinois Commerce Commission, respectively, are proposing a revision to Module E. The revision would allow load serving entities (LSE) to reduce their load forecast to take into account load reductions that would likely occur when market prices rise during periods when reliability is threatened.

This is a very controversial issue. Wisconsin Commissioners Callisto, Meyer and Azar agreed, in theory, that the MISO tariff should be changed to accommodate the unique circumstances in retail choice states, provided that, those tariff changes do not hurt the non-retail choice states. As the tariff is currently proposed, she said, she believed the risk is too high for Wisconsin to adopt the proposed language. Specifically, she said the proposed language increases the incentives to under predict future demand without setting forth penalties.

The Commission also reviewed the status of current Regional Transmission Organization transmission planning efforts and directed Commission staff to continue to monitor and participate as appropriate.

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