Wisconsin PSC Opens Telco Access Charge Proceeding

by preferred on October 22, 2009

This is an investigation to examine the structure and level of intrastate access charges, including both switched and special access, for incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers. The proceeding will also address the appropriateness and uses of cost studies and cost data for pricing access service.
The Commission will investigate what levels of intrastate access rates are reasonable and just. This proceeding will investigate how, and to what extent, the Commission can control the charging of unreasonable and unjust intrastate access rates by both incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers in Wisconsin. The Commission may impose limitations or restrictions on access rates of providers serving in Wisconsin. Methods of addressing excessive rates may include complaint procedures, rate ceilings, establishment of “safe harbors,” or other mechanisms. The Commission will examine, and may modify, the intrastate access “benchmark rates” set in docket 05-TR-103, in 1993.

Docket 5-TR-105

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