WPSC Not Allowed to Recollect Over-Refunds to Ratepayers

by preferred on February 20, 2009

On February 9, 2009, WPSC filed a request to refund $4,951,000 of over-collected 2008 fuel costs and accrued interest via a $0.00534/kWh credit to be applied to March 2009 Wisconsin retail electric sales. The company proposed that any difference between the actual amount of the refund and the appropriate amount of the refund, including interest, determined during the fuel cost compliance audit, be reflected in the company’s next rate filing or another refund.
The PSCW authorized WPSC to implement its proposed $0.00534 per kWh fuel credit refund prior to the completion of the 2008 compliance audit, required WPSC to refund any under-refunded amounts and did not authorize WPSC to collect any over-refunded amounts back from ratepayers.

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